Body Sculpture BT5700 Treadmill

Body Sculpture BT5700

Body Sculpture BT5700

The Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill is highly rated among previous buyers simply because this piece of equipment delivers actual results. There are many different treadmills around each promising to have all of the top feature sets that you may ever want, however when you spend money on them, you start realizing that they were not really for you.

Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill
4 Reviews
Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill
  • 3.0HP peak output DC Motor
  • 0.8 - 16kph (0.5 - 10mph)
  • 10% power lift
  • 18 programmes: 1 manual setting, 15 pre set programmes and 2 user settings
  • Computer monitors: Body fat, Hand pulse, Time, Speed, Distance and Calories used

The thing being, you should not be looking at what the manufacturers of a particular equipment claim, but instead, you should be looking at previous customer reviews which would tell you exactly what to expect from a machine. This would simply save you from the hassle of purchasing a treadmill that you are not going to be using at all. It does not matter how much you may be spending on your equipment, what matters is its usability and effectiveness.

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So Why Body Sculpture BT5700 Motorised Treadmill? *

  • The brand – Body Sculpture is a popular fitness equipment manufacturer that has a range of high quality machines to its credit. Avoid unbranded equipment if you want to ensure that your safety would not be compromised during your workouts.
  • Different program levels – ideal for all members of your family. Every household is likely to have family members with varying fitness levels. Getting an equipment that may be too easy for some or too hard for others may not really be what you may appreciate. You should therefore opt for a program that offers different program levels so everyone can be happy with it.
  • The Price Factor – this is a treadmill that has all of the features that you may ever want in a great quality equipment at a price that you could easily afford. Avoid hunting for the cheapest treadmill brands because quality can never come cheap.
  • Customer Satisfaction – if there is a treadmill in the market that all of its previous buyers would give top ratings to, then it has got to be the Body Sculpture BT5700. This machine enjoys a steady 5 star rating making it among the most sought after of home gym equipment to go after.

body sculpture bt5700

The Body Sculpture BT5700 treadmill is a top rated treadmill that is designed to help you with your aerobics as well as enhancement of endurance levels. If you have been delaying your treadmill buying experience due to not finding something that would offer you a good value for your money earlier, then this is the model that you should really not missing out on. Body Sculpture have done a great job and added that extra touch to make it worth what it sells for.

And when it comes to buying this treadmill, nothing beats Amazon as far as the price is concerned. Follow the link below to save 27% off the RRP of the BT5700 treadmill and kick start your aerobics without further ado.

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