Best Weight Lifting Benches For Home Gym

If you find it a challenge to identify the right weight lifting benches for your need then you are not alone. One of the most important equipment that you will want to carefully research before purchasing for your strength training goals is the weight bench which is usually available in big varieties from different manufacturers. A decent weight bench would allow you to comfortably train without damaging your muscles or without causing you injuries due to not having proper posture when lifting weight for workouts. A weight bench is perfect for a range of different workouts, with and without weights for which you may want to refer to relevant sources for further tips.

Below is a list of top 10 weight benches that you could select one from and this list is based upon the sales rank of each bench over at Amazon UK which is a preferred shopping destination for many. Pick the one that you believe would best serve your needs and you will be able to reach your strength training goals in no time.

Weight benches are available from different manufacturers and they are designed with different purposes in mind catering to the workout needs of different categories and groups of fitness enthusiasts. The majority of home gyms require equipment that would be compact to help save space. This is why those looking for workout benches would prefer going for folding weight benches that would serve their needs better.

Folding weight benches would themselves vary a great deal as they originate from different manufacturers who are well aware of demand for folding weight benches as people with workout needs would likewise have differing preferences when it comes to folding weight benches.

Here is a quick list of the top 10 folding weight benches to help you identify the right model to invest your money in.

Best Weight Benches 2018 *

No. 1
Weider Power Tower Roman Chair
  • Roman chair for a comprehensive work upper body in total safety.
  • Back support for the vertical rise of knees.
  • 4, a single device: dips, Roman chair, pumps and pull-up exercises.
  • 2 elbow pads with foam for comfort.
  • Maximum user weight: 135kg.
On SaleNo. 2
adidas Banco Pro Multi Purpose
3 Reviews
adidas Banco Pro Multi Purpose
  • Padded seat and backrest with 3 inclination levels
  • Includes a barbell rack
  • Easy to use
  • Allows leg flexion and thigh extension
  • Dimensions: 137 (L) x 70 (W) x 114 (H)
No. 3
York Fitness Folding Barbell Bench
26 Reviews
York Fitness Folding Barbell Bench
  • Butterfly arms for chest fly exercises
  • Three position backrest and leg unit with foam rollers
  • Barbell retaining hooks enable comfortable weight changes, keeping the bar in place
  • Ideal for working the arms and chest muscle group, whether at the gym, house or...
  • Conveniently and efficiently folds up to save space
No. 4
York Fitness DB4 Sit-Up and Dumbbell Bench
65 Reviews
York Fitness DB4 Sit-Up and Dumbbell Bench
  • Multi function bench with 10 angles of incline / decline
  • Converts into a sturdy abdominal sit up bench with ankle foam rollers
  • This bench is ideal for barbell or dumbell chest press and core exercises
  • Maximum User Combined Weight: 200kg
No. 5
Viavito VKR Power Tower
8 Reviews
Viavito VKR Power Tower
  • Multifunctional gym station for effective total upper body workouts to tone muscles...
  • Wide range of low-impact workouts using your body weight across the multiple workout...
  • Easy to use thanks to the self-assist support bar giving extra stability and...
  • Sturdy, solid design with a heavy-duty base and non-slip floor pads for stable and...
  • High-quality, multi-station fitness equipment. Easy to assemble. No fixing to...
On SaleNo. 6
Weider Pro 490 DC Weight Bench
12 Reviews
Weider Pro 490 DC Weight Bench
  • Detachable Multi-Position Weight Bench. Multi-Position Adjustable Uprights. Removable...
  • Walk-in Squat Station, 6-Roll Leg Developer and a Rolled Preacher Pad. Safety...
  • Olympic Leg Developer Weight Tube with Padded, 6-Foam Station. Max User...
  • Weight Capacity: 140kg(310lbs) on the Barbell....
  • Fits 7ft Bars. Weight: 63kg (139lbs). Warranty: 2 Yrs Parts/Labour (if Registered...
No. 7
DKN FID Elite Heavy Duty Utility Bench
2 Reviews
DKN FID Elite Heavy Duty Utility Bench
  • Heavy Duty Bench with Incline, Decline, Flat and Military Positions; Heavy Duty Steel...
  • Seat: High-Density Durable Upholstery; Extra-Wide and Long Adjustable Back Support;
  • Optional Leg Developer/Preacher Pad Combo; Oversized Foam Rollers; Dumbbell Bench;
  • Compatible with Most Cages and Smith Machines; Max. Weight Load: 280kg (617lbs);
  • Dimensions: L=152cm (59.8''). W=65cm (25.6''). H=133cm (52.4''); Warranty (Light...
No. 8
adidas Unisex Essential Utility Bench, Black
2 Reviews
adidas Unisex Essential Utility Bench, Black
  • 2-in-1 dumbbell and ab bench with flat, decline and 5 x incline settings
  • Converts into a sit up bench
  • Extremely compact when folded, only 23 cm deep
  • Incorporated foam rollers for knee and ankle support
  • Maximum user weight 100 kg
No. 9
Reebok Pro Flat Bench
  • 10 inch x 47.5 inch back support
  • 17 inch ground clearance provides greater stability and reduces back arch when...
  • Easy to assemble
  • Integrated wheels and handle for easy transport and stable, non-slip feet
  • Reebok Pro Flat Bench with high density foam cushioning with easy wipe clean surface
No. 10
Inspire Fitness FLB2 Folding Bench
1 Reviews
Inspire Fitness FLB2 Folding Bench
  • Multiple Adjustments from Incline, Flat to Decline Training Positions; Highest...
  • Folds Completely Flat for Storage; Heavy Duty Rectangular and Round 11 Gauge Tubular...
  • Two Tone Electrostatic Powder Coat Offers a Durable Maintenance Free Finish; Weight:...
  • Weight Capacity: 227kg (500lbs); Warranty (Home): Lifetime Frame and Parts and 90 Day...
  • Size: L (D)=130cm (51"), W (Footprint)=39.5cm (15.5"), H=102.5cm (40.5");

Types Of Weight Benches For Home Gyms *

Weight benches can be of different types based on their features and size but they can broadly grouped into 3 main categories. Olympic weight benches, folding weight benches as well as adjustable weight benches.

Folding Weight Benches *

While some may be okay with any foldable weight bench, you will find fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders looking specifically for a range of folding weight benches including, a folding weight bench under bed, which they can store under their beds after use which would obviously require a bed with a good enough frame height to allow storage space underneath, a compact folding weight bench which does not occupy much space during use or when stored, a portable weight bench which can easily be carried and moved around, a stow away weight bench which can be pushed away into storage after use, a travel weight bench that may be good to travel along with without having to put a break to your workout routines, or a folding weight bench with rack to hold other fitness accessories such as weights, barbells and dumbells which are essential for effective workouts using weight benches.

Manufacturers from different countries seek to understand the needs of fitness experts in terms of what would make the right workout equipment for different types of exercises and the above list of top 10 folding workout benches is a result of what these manufacturers have managed to gather from feedback as being what the majority of weight trainers have shown demand for. You can find their ratings and reviews to give you an idea on how each of the above listed folding weight bench or folding workout bench as others like to refer to  it as, would meet your specific workout needs.

Adjustable Weight Benches *

Adjustable weight benches are weight lifting benches that can be adjusted to suit different types of workouts. So, instead of going for multiple weight benches with different inclines and backrests, you could be investing in just one that can be adjusted for different users and different workouts and exercises.

One of the things that make an adjustable weight bench important is lack of space where you intend to use it. Most home gyms are quite restricted in space which is why folding and adjustable weight benches of different designs and types prove extremely useful. However, you may obviously perhaps get the best result out of a rigid, sturdy  and stable weight bench and when portability isn’t an issue as in the case of commercial premises or professional gyms requiring a variety of workout equipment, you may not necessarily find comfort with folding weight benches when you have plenty of space available for the best of their kind weight benches. In short, folding wight benches are ideal for home gyms when space is an issue.

It is important for people investing in a folding adjustable weight bench to be disciplined and follow a specific workout routine without fail. Anything that is foldable and that is stored away adds to the laziness of people trying to use it. So, you will find it easier for people to workout on weight benches that are already set up as opposed to locating where they have it stored and trying to setup before use. It is easier to procrastinate and affect your workout routine if you are not disciplined. However, folding weight benches are one of the best equipment that you could invest in to enhance your workouts and if you choose a comfortable bench that can handle the total weight of your body along with any weights that you intend to lift, then you will have the best of experiences possible.

Olympic Weight Benches *

An olympic weight bench is more of a bench set that is designed for advanced users. It is wider and longer than normal weight benches and comes with a rack too so that you do not have to purchase it separately to store weights and barbells. You could use an Olympic weight bench for a range of different advanced workouts including the bench press.

So, Which Is The Best Weight Bench? *

There are countless varieties of weight benches available but everyone seems to be after the best regardless of what their budget might be. This is why it becomes difficult to decide which is the best  weight bench unless you consider all factors that you should be putting into consideration.

The best weight bench much be easy to setup and fold and should be easily done by one person. You should check the total weight that a folding weight bench can support before going for one as this is an important factor for safety. A folding weight bench that does not have too many small moving parts would be ideal as various injury risks can be eradicated.  Read the installation booklet that comes along with your weight bench so you can install it correctly and use it as recommended to eliminate risks that could cause injuries. It should also come with manufacturers warranty so you can be sure it is guaranteed to work efficiently. Once you have invested in a decent weight bench, be it folding or otherwise, you will not feel the need to have to go for another one anytime soon.



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